FIRST YEAR 2015-2016

The project commenced with three capstone design projects entailing the design and development of a BLDC motor drive module, a PV array maximum power point tracking MPPT module, and the Mechanical design of a Chassis, brakes, suspension and Wheels of the solar car. The organizational chart of the team is shown below.


SECOND YEAR 2016-2017

The modules were further developed to be incorporated into a full car design. Also, a new module was added entailing the design of a driver interface module with wireless communication between the microcontrollers and the driver display microprocessor. The first complete car is named* AREG-SC0 and it incorporates these modules with a steel frame chassis, aluminum body, and is intended as the test bed for the aggregation of the modules. The organizational chart of the team is shown below.

* AREG stands for Alfaisal Renewable Energy Group and is intended to be pronounced Areej “أريج”, which means the scent of a flowery garden in Arabic. SC0 stands for solar car design version 0 as it is the test bed for new module design iterations and is not intended as the race car.


THIRD YEAR 2017-2018

With lessons learned from the design modules a new competitive car design is underway with an aluminum chassis, carbon fiber body, and an improved overall design. The car is set to compete in the American Solar Car/ Formula Sun Grand Prix 2018 in the USA. The new car is to be named AREG-SC1. The organizational chart of the team is shown below.